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Colors TCG | Log


20joined Colors TCG - received legal10, legal01, structure04, sonati06, lonesome07, beastman20, artist16, ideo-delta19
 gift (Aki) - received archaeology13, supergirl07, perceive09
21gift (Vethica) - received optimistic08, optimistic10, recall13, supergirl04
 gift (Kiss) - received legal04, legal06, legal13, perceive13
 join bonus - received mail-order18, pyrokinesis12
 Recycled Art - received blood02, blood04, blood08, blood12, blood18, blood20, funyarinpa06, innuendos09, legal03, legal19
 gift (Jailynn) - received innuendos01
 February release - received shogiclub13, relationer06, 100friends13, danger13, buddypolice13, 2-d10, brusque13, speedosound09, x-rayvision11, playful04, sakuras09, archaeology01
 trade (Eon) - shogiclub13, relationer06, sakuras09 for perceive10, gamer07, gamer19
 trade (Kaede) - 100friends13, danger13, buddypolice13 for blood09, perceive06, perceive08
 trade (Vethica) - 2-d10, brusque13 for archaeology19, innuendos10
 trade (Jailynn) - speedosound09 for innuendos19
 trade (Dialny) - x-rayvision11, playful04 for legal09, supergirl06
 gift (Dialny) - received supergirl11, flirty08, lamentation14, magatama12, whip07
 gift (Trap) - received lamentation20
 gift (Samichan) - received gray crayon
22gift (Ana) - received lamentation01
 gift (Kari) - received archaeology02
23gift (Jasper) - received objection01
24gift (Chrissy) - received dollie02, dollie15
25Beauty Pageant 94 - received brynhilde03, speech14, mistaken17, conflicted20, pasta14, rift04, red crayon
26Directions 104 - received homunculi03, terpsichora12, corazon06, iris05
 Colorseum 15-1 - received fireflies15, genma08, vanargand20, aeon16
28gift (Sky) - received archaeology12, archaeology20
29Seiyuu Guess 227 - received seventeen04, bomb16, soloship14

♡ MARCH 2016

1gift + trade (Kiss) - received innuendos06 + traded terpsichora12 for ambrosia17
8Hi-5 Radio 76 - received trueknight03, bull02, temari06, warmonger02, grandking19
 Link Cable 09 - received pilebunker03, thehand13, irritated12
 Link Cable 08 - received autumn08, otaku05, qilinbow02, snacks17, privileged12, precipices20, moped08, distracted13, demonrose20, al-thamen11, yellow crayon
 gift (Dina) - received legal18
 gift (Raven) - received archaeology03
 gift (Lex) - received archaeology09
 signature cards - received sig_olivia x3
 Pick a Color 108 - received greengate04, smirk01, replicant11, spitfire07, dreamycrown15, titrel04
 gift (Arianne) - received gamer10
 gift (Erin) - received optimistic01
 Quilting 78 - received windaquario19, lovewing14, vest06
 trade (Jiyu) - iris05 for logic06
 level up (orange) - received legal17, rainmaker11, ideya07, orange crayon
 Directions 105 - received epinard07, cspd16, drums13, kyuudou05
9Link Cable 10 - received maintenance12, gabcom11, houdai12, goofy11
10Host Club Giveaway 128 - received lecherous14, hoshido13, lunar16
 Rei's Friend Report 127 - received akahebi15, copying15, kapow19, elemental07 (somehow lost the notif for this oops)
 Rei's Friend Report 128 - received greenvale05, never19, delusions04, admire02
 Hi-5 Radio 75 - received masou06, eighth08, bunny04, ryujinjakka04, palu13
 trade (Caitie) - brynhilde03 for archaeology05
 trade (Kiss) - sig_olivia for sig_kiss
 trade (Kaede) - sig_olivia for sig_kaede
11Arazlam's Clues 287 - received two-face05, ctarl05, brickbreak06
 trade (Eon) - temari06, hoshino13 for apprentice20, temsik09
 trade (Trap) - thehand13, sig_olivia for archaeology18, sig_trap
 trade (Ivory and Horn) - vest06 for archaeology08
 trade (Aki) - lamentation20 for legal08
 Colorseum 15-3 - received prelati20, feelings02, reticent18, junkcube16
12trade (Lex) - innuendos01 for legal16
 Recycled Art - received grandkid11, ambrosia06, ambrosia13, ambrosia20, moped01, moped04, moped17, recall14, supergirl01, supergirl02, cabbage16, west01, west02, west03, west04, west06, west08, west10, west11, west15, west17
 Art Shop - traded orange crayon for archaeology10 and received demonic18, aging19, blue crayon
 trade (Jailynn) - goofy11, kapow19, palu13 for orange crayon x3
 trade (Moe) - gamer10 for legal12
 Deck Lover 19 - received barhara09, millenia15, anima02
13Scramble! 22 - received hostile12, matterwaves08, forest01, tongue20, nanika19, yellow crayon
 March release - received yamigitsune18, marysue18, aspire20, ban-chan20, catnoir04, annoying03, medusa19, astraeus19, deathgaze19, grendel19, kamiyan18, archaeology04
 trade (Kaede) - yamigitsune18, marysue18, kamiyan18 for magatama14, magatama19, optimistic02
 trade (Shannon [U]) - catnoir04 for apprentice19
 trade (Vethica) - annoying03 for moped17
 Deck Lover 20 - received replacement06, sparkling02, royalty09
 Deck Lover 21 - received sugitan08, nature20, lucavi17
 Seiyuu Guess 229 - received analog14, voi04, mariko13, immovable11, bloodhound09, imperator02
 trade (Eon) - aspire20, ban-chan20 for ambrosia08, gal19
14trade (Ana) - pasta14, titrel04 for 2 orange crayons
 trade (AL) - seventeen04 for calnus11
 Scrapbook 149 - received obsessed12, speaking18, dln-00706
 Deck Lover 22 - received tackle12, gigacity17, newyears19
 trade (Jun [B]) - analog14, elemental07, gabcom11, greengate04, junkcube16, matterwaves08, nanika19, pyrokinesis12, replicant11, vanagand20 for ambrosia07, ambrosia16, cabbage03, calnus03, calnus19, innuendos08, recall04, supergirl20, voi07, west18
15Guess the Color 262 - received sass05, runaway15, male18
 Art Shop traded orange crayon x5, blue crayon for archaeology06, archaeology07, archaeology11, archaeology14, archaeology15, legal20 and received kawasumia08, grace18, yellow crayon
 level up (yellow) - received archaeology17, darts15, ribbons09, gray crayon
16trade + gift (Kiss) - fireflies15 for orange crayon and received blue crayon x6
 Crazy Colors 109 - traded snacks17 for rising14, debonair05, ricky12
 Link Cable 11 - received crest06, slave12, locodol06, mochiguma04
 Art Shop - traded orange crayon, blue crayon x6 for archaeology16, legal02, legal05, legal07, legal11, legal14, legal15
 Reading Between the Lines 194 - received corpses02, tomboy18, fangs05, accounts05, maxter08, fuhrer16, nabradia20, formula06, duty13, doodle17, impostor12, possible16, embodiment09, minazuki05, dna03, orange crayon
 Shadow Watching 195 - received adolescent09, clones14, misspeak11, galaxy08, steam17, hammer08, newgen14, taciturn05
17Host Club Giveaway 129 - received muga08, undead04, oracle09
 masteries (legal, archaeology) - received wildlion05, tsukuyomi17, west19, foxfire19, lie05, west05, blue crayon, gray crayon
 Beauty Pageant 95 - received highspirited13, desudayo05, usu11, checkmate08, unsurpassed19, maiden16, purple crayon
 trade (AL) - foxfire09 for calnus07
18trade (Kaede) - darts15, medusa19, astraeus19 for west20, blood17, magatama20
 Colorseum 15-4 - received heatbuns10, enamored05, chamomile20, ginnungagap04
 Directions 106 - received cheerio12, voodoo09, bell06, slaughter03, brushgods01, balbadd11, delinquent08, coolest19
19Puzzle Chains 21 - received tenmon07, harbors10, memorized19, gloucester08, lovefreak09, badboy10, hihio15, atomic12, corrosion03, homura05, schemer16, menfestival13, ikazuchi05, plant09, nature02, firewhip06, commoners08, analyzer08, dedication18, power01
 Puzzle Chains 20 - received noman19, knights15, pig10, tiny16, videocamera02, tuna03, effortless15, izumo14, crossspear09, bard04, money04, jester05, evolution17, thewitch16, solo08, pure11, brigade09, clerk03, spider19, comnet01, camcorder14, oilpaint01, guardian15, musket06, kismet04, devilbats16, steelclaws13, brigade17, names02, otherworld15, miracle08, destiny09, flowers13, guarding03, jrpremier08, capsule13, gretel09, catemperor16, colorful10, mixcoatl11, adopted11, tightrope12, cherry13, minervykins17, igajima06, hm-43217, meyvn10, maple07, octava11, houdai08, dreamworld01, deva06, disarm18, undertaker20, selece03, dempsey01, rain17, mighty14, monta19, darkness11, red crayon x2
 trade (Nami) - tenmon07 for airyglyph15
 trade (Kaede) - deathgaze19, grendel19, taciturn05, tsukuyomi17 for mechanical07, twisted08, forgotten17, simulation15
 trade (Kiss) - catemperor16, flowers13 for cage05, gasmask13
 level up (green) - received ambrosia18, danceflame16, fortree03, gray crayon
 trade (Dina) - two-faced05 for cage13
 Art Shop - received slave13, regal12, gray crayon
 trade (Jailynn) - grandking19, muga08, musket06, oracle09, precipices20, selece03 for ambrosia03, badjokes08, louvre20, nightmare07, pity09, stressed01
 trade (Dialny) - enamored05, lovefreak09, brushgods01 for ambrosia10, airyglyph03, airyglyph20
 trade (Jasper) - lovewing14 for playboy19
 Recycled Art - received hoteldusk16, apocalypse12, apocalypse14, apocalypse15, airyglyph01, airyglyph04, airyglyph06, airyglyph07, airyglyph08, airyglyph09, airyglyph10, airyglyph16, eldarian05, eldarian12, eldarian16, eldarian17, eldarian18, eldarian20, simulation01, simulation03
 trade (Cassie) - drums13, minazuki05 for outburst03, green crayon
20Seiyuu Guess 230 - received greenthumb10, maiden17, limsa06, desire11, gentleman05, stupidcat08, vampire20, weblin19, form13, missdeep07, purple crayon
 Switch It Up 115 - traded bloodhound09, bomb16 for vigilante05, teller19
21Pot of Gold 64 - turned in dreamycrown15, delusions04, windaquario19, epinard07, spitfire07, artist16, irritated12, sass05, otaku05, aging19, bull02 and received Grand Prize A, valley06, nekotalia06, vritra08, katana03, absence18, thestar14, emishi09, zafkiel07, oolong07, researcher16, oni14, ilmago16, echo01, drugs17, usu03, nonaginta19, doll07, assistant18, townhall08, silvana10, sechs07, skyjack16, arcroyal12, cherish13, curepine12, physician16, blend06, tattoo16, priesthood10, anchor09, dogs08, lethargic11, pms15, 66706, monomane20, avarice13, fox18, tornado11, misfortune03, sand12, hornetsting12, tophat11, brutal13, spirited20, laevatein07, practice02, constable13, vaneltia19, maru02, smart-mouth17, engines18, inari18, chupa19, foster17, komoicorps10, keibu16, older12, lazier13, 4dragons16, chocolate10, tamer16, raise01, loveme12, bearslayer04, cantonese11, aeses17, hats14, black13, touma04, purple crayon, orange crayon x3, gray crayon, green crayon, brown crayon
22level up (blue) - received ambrosia01, sevendays20, stylish11, gray crayon
 Quilting 79 - received tama-ya20, crossdressm18, solarhands08, desire08
 Pick a Color 109 - received legendary12, ecstasy10, abused19, seed17, un-sorcerer04, resistance06, akagami09
 trade (Ana) - doodle17, oolong07 for hoteldusk03, louvre03
23Acrostic Trading Post 93 (Weekly Word) - received softhearted03, bananasushi04, surnames14, firebuster01, fodra05, ignition18, bugle15, conman12, catbingu16, hellmaster09, fanservice20, analyze20
 Link Cable 12 - received skill-out07, firstson08, daisy03, tharsis18, boy02, moneylover17, manners02
 trade (Veth) - townhall08 for unseen11
 Art Studio - traded aeon16, beastman20, structure04, speech14, qilinbow02, corazon06, ideya07, ctarl05, al-thamen11, mail-order18, ryujinjakka04, male18 for sig_olivia x4
 Coloring Book 122 - donated ideo-delta19 and received intuition03, bomb04, medusa08, flat14
 trade (Kaede) - komoicorps10, medusa08, royalty09, sugitan08 for hoteldusk07, hoteldusk09, regain02, vigilante04
 trade (Eon) - bell06 for nightmare06
24Rei's Friend Report 130 - received cloudburst04, letters16, sugarcubes10, solarknee07, 3-e11, endra01, gakuenk09, warlord05
25Directions 107 - received rip-off03, aircavalry13, cursedtwin10, shackle13, khilbet04, engagement15, levitation10, seeress18
 trade (Daichi) - yellow crayon x2 for gray crayon, blue crayon
 Beauty Pageant 96 - received goya18, chaotix04, rasetsu04, melphis15, swordfish01, hoodie04, nyoro04, four-leaf10, selfdefense14, chainsaw02, spicyfood19, fethmus11, blue crayon, orange crayon
 level up (purple) - received west07, udonge16, vandimion18, red crayon
 Colorseum 15-5 - received 10join17, peddler08, staying01, toybox10, avarice04, mayotama15, yin07, manly07
 trade (Shannon [U]) - fethmus11, melphis15, seeress18 for gray crayon x2, supergirl03
 trade (Kiss) - catbingu16, inari18, akahebi15, form13, galaxy08, knights15, memorized19, nonaginta19, pure11, tornado11 for airyglyph14, west09, badjokes04, louvre04, pity14, simulation05, simulation11, simulation20, stressed12, stressed17
26trade (Kaede) - autumn08 for just13
 trade (Moon) - speaking18 for airyglyph12
 Continue the Story 44 - submitted mistaken17 and received male-type08, reticent15, reaper01, kamui19, armor04, sonicblade10
 trade (Adelicya) - cursedtwin10, fangs05, balbadd11, ikazuchi05 for airyglyph11, airyglyph13, ambrosia14, hoteldusk14
 Recycled Art - received simulation04, simulation06, simulation07, simulation08, simulation14, simulation16, simulation18, jaded01, jaded12, jaded13, jaded15, editor02, editor03, editor10, editor11, editor13, editor15, editor16, editor18, editor19
 Pokeradar 257 - received temsik11, forkball16, eyeshadow09
 Art Shop - received reject16, childofgod12, gray crayon
 Lucky Draw 21 - received deathscythe18, sun14, penguinx04, knowledge19, sonati01, sass20, pitviper16, forward14, abyss20, koga04, billiards13, ukaku10, bluesky07, ilmago05, tanabata16, airyglyph05, airyglyph17, ambrosia02, blue crayon, green crayon x2, orange crayon, red crayon
27trade (Sammich) - dna03, intuition03 for hoteldusk08, hoteldusk10
 Swap Station 22 - traded moped17 for moped05
28trade (Arianne) - firebuster01, mochiguma04 for blood01, blood03
 Graffiti 112 - received swimclub19, vespa11, ovaltower13, rockleone09
 trade (Erin) - evolution17, tightrope12 for avoiddeath10, betray15
29trade (Jun [B]) - fanservice20 for hoteldusk19
 Scramble! 25 - received dingjun01, shenlong14, protective12, assassin06, southern17, gray crayon
 Deck Lover 23 - received kinkan05, maleidols03, misguided12, griefseed03, quality15, sekit15
 trade (Dialny) - avarice04, smart-mouth17 for hoteldusk06, hoteldusk20
30Art Shop - traded purple crayon x2, gray crayon x10 for airyglyph18, airyglyph19, hoteldusk01, hoteldusk02, hoteldusk04, hoteldusk05, hoteldusk11, hoteldusk12, hoteldusk13, hoteldusk15, hoteldusk17, hoteldusk18 and received ruinmode08, irontail04, blue crayon
 Acrostic Trading Post 94 (Monthly Phrase) - received skilled18, yellow20, artemyra06, worthless20, support08, hikari02, onmyoji14, flintlock05, haiku10, poultry09, oceanic06, zero-one17, yamakami05, wanted13, reiki15, beehive16, feisty18, salmon12, warheit02, hyperion08, nova09, figments04, chat06, wind04, totem-sama15, straydog18, dln-00601, kendo16, comet18, remembering10, ordinary10, rewrite10, tactical20, concealed13, sorceress16, impulsive10, spicegirl03, ramune20, onlyreason06, rent16, begging14, callous02, jingling12, intuition07, ridiculous10, catnoir17, policeman18, jokes20, kicking05, t-shirt19, josei15, reiki10, manipulate18, diabolist04, deduction06, youngmen18, nameko19, accountant06, voodoo02, lenshunter18, grendel10, kuwabara05, ban-chan03, yamigitsune04, gray crayon x2, green crayon, blue crayon, purple crayon, brown crayon
 Link Cable 13 - received balut17, bestsenpai17, supergirl15, spirited08, xyz08, echigoya07, cousin03, cold12
 masteries (hoteldusk) - received glider11, challenges16, ambrosia04, red crayon
 level up (brown) - received ambrosia05, okama13, candles10, red crayon
 trade (Kari) - effortless15 for simulation10
 Art Studio - traded aircavalry13, chaotix04, dedication18, deva06, dln-00706, eighth08, fox18, hammer08, hm-43217, limsa06, manners02, mixcoatl11 for west12, west13, west14, west16
 trade (Jane) - catnoir17, keibu16 for gasmask07, psychopath17
 trade (Kaede) - grendel10 for allmate15
31trade (Aru) - locodol06 for airyglyph02

♡ APRIL 2016

1Art Shop - traded brown crayon x2, blue crayon x6 for ambrosia09, ambrosia11, simulation02, simulation09, simulation12, simulation13, simulation17, simulation19
 Rei's Friend Report 131 - received worst18, nico-nii04, matterwaves07, akatsubaki09, eyebrows01, asakawa19, gundanz14, anima18
 masteries (west, airyglyph, simulation, ambrosia) - received calligrapher19, dixneuf03, ambrosia12, diariumejus03, grandking05, ambrosia15, hatshepsut12, styx01, ambrosia19, discipline18, leocorp17, optimistic03, brown crayon, yellow crayon, green crayon, blue crayon
 April (Fool's) Release - received recall01, janbirthday12
 Colorseum 16-1 - received horns08, twirl02, despair15, olderwomen13, ontario10, teach20, 66813, gald12
2trade (Trap) - darkness11, spicegirl03 for louvre11, gangster09
 Directions 108 - received lion06, ideya09, cinnamon05, pistols05, theatrical03, gunbuster10, ultima10, ore-sama01
 Recycled Art - received cage17, calnus01, calnus04, calnus08, calnus09, calnus13, correct03, correct05, editor20, efficient05, efficient10, efficient11, efficient20, firstson01, firstson09, firstson17, noman12, psychopath11, psychopath18, uncle15
 level up (gray) - received recall02, karaoke19, shounen18, brown crayon
3Host Club Giveaway 130 - received miasma11, ruthless09, thiefking16
4Puzzle Chains 22 - received watergun04, umibozu08, proud07, curesword03, mssweets04, watching20, jimuguri05, manipulate14, temper19, outlook06, woflsbane02, justice04, earthshaker20, opposite13, ideo-delta15, lollipops04, addiction01, highjump04, thunder10, kali-yuga08
 Quilting 80 - received kwando05, secluded01, laguz15, ragnell19
7Coloring Book 122 - received holyknight13
 Pick a Color 110 - received hats16, nonoriri12, hairclips16, baudelaire05, piercings01, pheromone08, heartache12
 Link Cable 14 - received goldenrod13, tsunshun11, chernabog04, toxin08, 3-a09, billiards06, shouryuuken19, bookeater04
10trade (Adelicya) - abused19, leocorp17 for blood15, optimistic12
 Directions 109 - received capitalism03, peacock02, nanoda18, puppy09, uppercut12, pocketwatch09, ilmago03, chips01
 RAMIEL'S FRIEND REPORT AAA - received omoro04, sketching03, yakisobapan16, submerge19, leocorp19, legend01, leap04, ladyship18
 Colorseum 16-2 - received pranks12, pinkbow02, mini03, kaminome13, ohmygosh06, yamigitsune08, telepathy14, taozi18
 trade (Jen) - nico-nii04, stylish11 for archery16, windor10
15Scramble! 27 - received devilbats04, rumraisin13, dwn-01011, zessen02, vesta17, crusnik02, darkfire19, masochistic11
 Lucky Draw 22 - received starvevenom14, precipices10, patriot13, speed16, foreigner13, lostseraph12, assist19, jindujun19, lupan10, usagimimi16, grapes13, synesthesia19, lupan14, seawitch03, highspirited15, blossom06, dual-tipped16, polarbear18, sunrune20, shesmay02, cupcake19, toilet06, claymore18, toilet16, psybeam17, romaantiqua03, debonair05, sumo12, rosetta08, unemployed12, optimistic04, optimistic05, optimistic06, recall03, recall05, recall06, brown crayon x2, yellow crayon x4, red crayon, gray crayon, orange crayon, green crayon
 Host Club Giveaway 131 - received akuma15, backdoors10, kazoku11
16level up (strawberry) - received recall07, angerpunch10, sleipnir17, blacklion15, yellow crayon
 trade (Eon) - meatbuns10, teach20, 3-e11, maleidols03, millenia15 for funyarinpa15, jaded03, mechanical12, psychopath13, temsik12
 trade (Moon) - bestsenpai17, puppy09, tamer16 for correct01, correct18, correct20
 trade (Raven) - grandking05 for optimistic15
17Swap Station 27 - traded debonair05 for debonair17
 trade (Ana) - accounts05, akagami09, assassin06, darkfire19, deathscythe18, intuition07, polarbear18, poultry09, sun14, ultima10, sig_olivia for burgers16, eldarian03, jaded02, just20, literature16, louvre09, luzrov08, mechanical10, mechanical19, spaz01, sig_ana
 gift (RenneeTwist) - received 20million18, apprentice16, eldarian14
 Beauty Pageant 97 - received koukaku07, passage03, trueknight14, brutal03, funyarinpa02, orchid04, fight06, desserts20, pokepals07, identity13, analyst08, outburst08, brown crayon, gray crayon
 trade (Sami) - ban-chan03, curepine12, gretel09, reticent15, yamakami05 for bravior18, gekkooin16, faintattack15, faintattack19, robotabuse07
 trade (Aki) - kazoku11, yellow20 for 4minutes06, villians08
18trade (Rune) - pistols05 for supergirl16
 April release - received risappe03, nonocchi03, executed18, pluviale18, sunfist02, hana02, icedragon02, cataclysm16, miraculous01, luckycharm01, cooltype17, suits06, sig_olivia x3, optimistic07
 trade (Jen) - risappe03, nonocchi03 for embodiment04, embodiment12
 trade (Eon) - executed18, pluviale18 for badjokes07, betray03
 trade (Kaede) - sunfist02, hana02, icedragon02, cooltype17 for editor08, gangster06, just04, twisted09
 trade (Moon) - cataclysm16 for clerk02
 trade (Jane) - miraculous01, luckycharm01 for whip04, izanagi17
19Pick a Color 111 - received aristocrat08, lastmagnum13, honeytachi16, kakaka19, satisfaction15, iss07
 Reading Between the Lines 195 - received huge12, akatsubaki10, admiral10, crossbow01, gretel09, kirakira05, vagrant12, headband07, sakuras08, doubleflat07, bluescarf19, hoteldusk07
 Shadow Watching 196 - received antivirus09, lieutenant10, business16, ifraid05, noa05, poison07, scumbag18, bangle18, feast18, cutting18, flight17, doorshrine10
20trade + gift (Erin) - chernabog04, flirty08, youngmen18 for innuendos07, innuendos16, innuendos20 and received eldarian01
 Rolling Down the UMN 51 - received anklet05, repliforce16, understand05, teach07
 Link Cable 16 - received alone10, seaotter03, bright16, elrond20, al-thamen16, myths04, bass16, yakisoba13
22Rei's Friend Report 134 - received akuma10, honii01, plants10, tomorrow12, demonstone03, anko17, neighbor08, kazoku04
 Colorseum 16-4 - received posttown07, systems15, grownup04, saiyawoman04, shishitou02, galge10, asura07, dwn-02211
24trade (Kippi) - ragnell19, warheit02, laguz15 for cabbage08, louvre17, morphus05
 April Fool's Release - received bail05, calligraphy06, creampuff15, college13, remaining15
30Seiyuu Guess 235 - received thewall13, corseit19, emperor16, nitro18, control05, scrawl13, blackrose09, railroad01, beyondard07, koutei07, cutting14, abel06, yellow crayon, gray crayon
 Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 269 - received virginbride07, classes18, reference12, suzunaan11
 Hi-5 Radio 82 - received childhood11, hime08, maidcafe08, frog02
 Rei's Friend Report 135 - received darkfire04, ringmaster18, deyansu14, border10, deckbuilder08, exuberant06
 Colorseum 16-5 - received metalia17, pride19, breath13, rollout03, dedicated18, pilum08, meribia09, falling11
 trade (Lex) - sig_olivia for sig_lex
 trade (Sami) - teach07 for calnus17

♡ MAY 2016
1Art Shop - traded red crayon x8, purple wrapper x2, green crayon x7, brown crayon x5, blue crayon, blue wrapper x2 for blood05, blood06, blood07, blood10, blood11, blood13, blood14, blood16, innuendos01, optimistic09, optimistic11, optimistic13, optimistic14, optimistic16, optimistic17, optimistic18, recall08, recall09, recall10, recall11, recall12, supergirl05, supergirl08
 Host Club Giveaway 132 - received linda17, soujutsu01, order19
3Switch It Up 116 - traded childhood11, colorful10 for bloody15, chuunibyou01
 Pick a Color 112 - received inn11, topsin20, detached18, asturia08, condiments13, kidnapped06, arc14, doujinka14, blue crayon x2, green crayon, brown crayon
 trade (Aki) - armor04, hairclips16, jingling12 for apocalypse11, archery10, badjokes0
 Pot of Gold 65 submitted aristocrat08, asura07, myths04 and received Grand Prize A, sailorcap17, interested08, convict16, aztec06, horror07, dancers09, lotte10, fireflies07, savior03, plasmagica20, byakuei20, sinner12, sunfish16, catgirl17, composing05, mezzoforte14, sanctuary16, inherit08, cyber01, silverking13, dandelion04, room19, lorelei15, summon03, lander10, catlover14, cosmogate01, dance16, satella06, remember19, stonebody19, nenthreads08, cool09, redaxe08, leo05, 3rdregiment04, shoutengai12, kaneda03, aloof15, tracker09, purple12, lemonsoda18, pressure20, anko14, endurance01, bakushin16, caution09, spiritwave17, markv07, cheerful15, fairytale11, chastiefol13, zaibatsu13, dwn-00903, harpnote06, astronomy06, freckles06, restaurant14, solomon15, orifiel08, thieves05, orange crayon x3, purple crayon x4, brown crayon x2, red crayon x2, yellow crayon x4, blue crayon x4, gray crayon, green crayon
4Art Shop - traded red crayon, green crayon x2, brown crayon x3, blue crayon x6 for blood19, optimistic19, optimistic20, recall15, recall16, recall17, supergirl09, supergirl10, supergirl12, supergirl13, supergirl14, supergirl17
 level up (tangerine) - received recall18, arsenal16, alone12, p-chan20, blue crayon
 masteries (optimistic, blood, recall) - received rosary04, flowery20, recall19, parasite08, burst15, recall20, dee01, sharingan07, supergirl18, purple crayon, red crayon, blue crayon
6Art Shop - traded yellow crayon x10, blue crayon x2, red crayon x2, purple crayon x7 for calnus02, calnus05, calnus06, calnus10, calnus12, calnus14, calnus15, calnus16, calnus18, calnus20, funyarinpa01, gamer01, gamer02, innuendos02, innuendos03, innuendos04, innuendos05, innuendos11, innuendos12, innuendos13, supergirl19
 masteries (calnus, supergirl) - received morning16, fakehero02, gamer03, alive15, major19, gamer04, yellow crayon, red crayon
 trade (Kaede) - aloof15, inn11, leocorp19, vesta17, horror07 for 20million01, bravior08, civics03, vigilante15, widow07
9Colorseum 17-1 - received eleventh16, schoolidol17, trips12, oilpaint16, flow01, walking10, itch15, tempus15
 Puzzle Chains 25 - received mu08, hakuda17, dcn-02611, valentine05, greythorne19, prez07, replicant06, gottasmoke13, aircavalry06, comnet01, gleipnir05, pigtails04, necromancer13, hierophant12, usas12, red crayon
23Colorseum Finalist Spotlight 1 - received resolute17, homunculi03, sushi09
 Rei's Friend Report 137 - received bedofroses08, open02, tune07, invader06, fleurir20, flamengreen02
 trade (Dialny) - anklet05, chat06, composing05, impulsive10, lieutenant10, lotte10, walking10 for alone18, badjokes10, bravior02, bravior16, bravior17, clerk11, correct08
 Colorseum 17-2 - received resurrect04, kazeskini12, hatsushimo03, jump15, spicegirl05, dwn-02304, thornqueen15, sixlights02
 Deck Lover 27 - received fukujun04, tsunderes19, sparkling01, cure17, romipaku13, heirs13
 Quilting 83 - received mascot20, junbirthday16, copybot04, amiable04, hide19, dunceney02, maid-chan07, suffer01

18Colorseum 17-4 - received virginity01, loleus07, bluesky08, samezuka01, venoshock10, dadadadadan18, nanika18, beyondard09
September release - received tazmily10, fc3s12, fd3s12, hedgehog07, 99906, nyaa-chan19, absorption11, merge10, separate09, medicinal01, midorikaru20, objection02, gamer05
trade + gift (Jessu) - tazmily10, hikari02, kendo16, protective12, nature02 for betray04, meister04, meister06, objection12, labyrinthia06 and received eldarian13
trade (Ana) - fc3s12, fd3s12, midorikaru20 for 20million03, cage14, faintattack02
trade (Kiri) - nyaa-chan19 for firstson10
19gift (Raven) - received meister13
trade + gift (Aru) - hedgehog07, 99906, bass16, calligrapher19, camcorder14, copying15, curesword03, dixneuf03, gunbuster10, hatshepsut12, hierophant12, jump15, kamui19, masochistic11, nonoriri12, schemer16, spicegirl05, staying01, systems15, thestar14, ukaku10, vespa11 for alone02, alone03, allmate14, apocalypse16, editor01, editor05, loyalty15, moped02, noman09, playboy12, sitar11, sitar15, sorry03, strongwill13, strongwill18, two05, two12, voi17, widow10, widow20, windor13, windor18 and received green crayon x2
trade (Tanna) - blossom06, linda17, posttown07, rumraisin13, runaway15, schoolidol17, sonati01, sonati06, toilet06, quality15 for breeder08, japanese18, louvre07, megaphone05, nickel05, pe13, perceive05, playboy13, pocketwatch07, faintattack05
20trade (Veth) - absorption11, merge10, separate09 for eldarian11, 20million12, alone0
Recycled Art - received ambidex01, ambidex04, ambidex08, ambidex09, ambidex10, ambidex11, ambidex19, archery01, archery03, archery04, archery06, archery07, archery08, archery11, archery12, archery19, archery20, betray09, funyarinpa03, meister17
21level up (lemon) - received innuendos14, 43rdsong17, interview11, shadowpath06, blue crayon
Shadow Watching 214 - received hm-43220, oriental12, enjoy03, heavymetal04, 902918, yoyoi02, balthasar02, animation10
Reading Between the Lines 213 - received learning01, penguinx18, sequestered16, fan04, headache15, notes05, jinchuuriki17, steward11
22trade (Makorin) - begging14, chips01, feast18, feelings02, exuberant06, hide19, honeytachi16, interested08, never19, plasmagica20, remaining15, shishitou02, valley06, figments04, greenvale05, josei15 for stressed05, stressed14, outburst14, wrath17, goodluck10, windor14, attorney10, fashionable02, intuition19, orcatrainer12, reckon02, sew11, snobbish18, danderes19, legendary03, watergun11
Rei's Friend Report 156 - received mochimazui07, dukedom08, oaktree08, cannone11, slam10, marshmallow06

♡ OCTOBER 2016

4Colorseum Season Three start + bonus battle - received vanelita20, rain19, cosmogate07, grownup09, pairs15, astraeus03, kindhearted14, lenster19
Help Miss Kamila 90 - received innocent11, tenkafubu04, naginata04, volcano13, brown crayon
Switch It Up 125 - traded admire02 for decision19
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 127 - traded ladyship18 for telepathy11, uncrowned04, bravery20, midgard06, bluerose12, medusa17, knowing07
Seiyuu Guess 256 - received planners17, hyouhaku07, blastia12, icecream03, galearc04, linga15
trade (Adelicya) - medicinal01 for eldarian08
trade (Sujini) - dance16, avarice13, freckles06, fuhrer16, ilmago05, ilmago16, opposite13, eleventh16, nova09 for apprentice11, bravior19, dynames03, forgotten08, outburst10, temsik17, voi14, onlypurpose05, onlyreason07
Reading Between the Lines 214 - received jobs12, scald10, hibakari20, momokan02, missiletainn14, shiokaze13, tianzi20, resurrect06, amati02, andantino14, oyajijokes13, knucklehead10, seductive13, sergeant07, jintan18, multi-size08, kwg03, coordinator17, doctorine12, modela03, gray crayon, brown crayon
Colorseum 19-1 - received paipai14, esaka18, bananas09, noheart16, foodpuns07, thefool08, strategos02, caged06
5Recycled Art - received 4minutes08, ambidex04, ambidex20, labyrinthia08, labyrinthia10, labyrinthia15, labyrinthia16, labyrinthia20, alone11, alone14, bloody10, bloody20, civilian05, civilian09, civilian13, civilian17, civilian19, engineer12, engineer15, engineer18
6Shadow Watching 216 - received quiet04, charm18, bail06, corratec12, satsuma08, lovequeen13, sunfighter01, blooming14
Reading Between the Lines 215 - received greengirl08, salamander02, jinchuuriki02, belderiver01, analyze02, basement01, partcat15, question09
7Rei's Friend Report 158 - received snowfairy16, thumbsup08, prima02, ginka15, amamikado11, shannaro15
Help Miss Kamila 92 - received allegiance16, wutai04, seacrusher09, crawling07
Colorseum 19-2 - received sandtribe17, onlypurpose19, blankspace12, aerosmith04, aquaria19, vector16, housewife05, darkaurora09
12Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 129 - traded emishi09 for parties16, waiting01, scrapped13, sunlight07, wushu16, toys18, tabiidol07, gunsmoker18
Deck Lover 49 - received zanpakuto18, irides01, secretrealm10, 8-bit18, green04, x-scissor19
Scramble! 52 - received greekgod09, unique07, junkcube20, lifeenergy02, ecure20, puppet09, brand04, asleep05, arrogant08, 72pillars16, gray crayon
Switch It Up 126 - traded wind04, sushi09, heirs13 for morphus13, gramarye06, labyrinthia13
Seiyuu Guess 258 - received loveng18, sphinx119, dictator09, kukulcan10, dwn-04016, friends13
Shadow Watching 217 - received personality08, watcher05, melphis20, switch10, meimei20, pride17, bright09, nuvema05
Reading Between the Lines 216 - received soundpod07, convey19, hari09, programmer07, fifth08, nukes20, mjolnir11, sungod07, pessimist20, hypervision18, blackbird01, mentor02, landis16, father04, tangerine17, sopheria02, aristocratic01, moumentai07, mystery02, jagara07, blue crayon, gray crayon
Recycled Art - received 4minutes18, gramarye01, gramarye04, gramarye07, gramarye08, gramarye09, gramarye19, gramarye20, pilots20, andantino01, andantino03, andantino13, apocalypse09, cameraman16, devoted04, devoted07, devoted16, embodiment11, engineer19, engineer20
14Host Club Giveaway 143 - received poacher01, deathzone03, cloud13
Rei's Friend Report 159 - received safety18, lionhead15, pooka11, libero14, yewbow05, cannon09
Colorseum 19-3 - received izanagi06, vivace16, 23715, hahi13, noble17, wife05, betrayer17, nebula17
15Switch It Up 127 - traded demonic18, 8-bit18 for alone15, royalty18
Swap Station 47 - traded ambidex04 for ambidex06
Switch It Up 125 (bonus) - received iceblue08, freedom07, insight09, yard17, graceful03, revolution12, kenjutsu11, bicycle15, ragnarok01, prospero14, senpuujin11, tri-edge14, green crayon
17Seiyuu Guess 259 - received al-thamen04, poorthing14, redtiger16, armblade06, obstinate18, suit04
Quilting 94 - received valentines04, missiletainn19, boyish01, cabbit13, hi-potions03, dead14, ceramics02, cinema13